hifideluxe 2023

The hifideluxe 2023 took place from May 19 to 21 at the Munich Marriott Hotel.


South German Hifi Days 2018

Fair report in "fairaudio" 09/2018

HiFiDeluxe Munich 2017

At this year's HifiDeluxe we presented a Jadis system with Audioplan loudspeakers, cables and power supply on Lovan racks.
In combination with the new Konzert IV and the new Maxwell S cables, the result was a wonderfully natural and relaxed sound without us having to play much with the position of the speakers.
The demonstration not only convinced many audiophiles from home and abroad, but also Peter Breuninger, who runs the avshowroom.com platform. Peter Breuninger is not only an audiophile, he also  travels around the globe to report on all relevant trade fairs from the hi-fi world by video.
He not only paid attention to the demonstration of the Jadis turntable, but was also impressed by our Audioplan loudspeakers.
Consequently, we received a "gold award" for our demonstration at this year's fair.
From my point of view, it is not only the individual class of all the components that is decisive, but also the right accessories and the right set-up. I never tire of pointing out, that only a good set-up leads to outstanding sonic results.
For more than 30 years I have been developing accessory products that develop as little of their own sound as possible, but still work in a musically integrative way and not in an analytically dissecting way. In my opinion, this is the only way to achieve truly outstanding sonic results which is not possible with the widely used compensation of opposing sonic signatures in individual componets.
To achieve really natural sound it is essential to use good mains filtering that does not limit the dynamics and leaves timing and flow of the music unchanged. This is also true for equipment of the highest quality, which are equipped with separate external power-supplies, like we use it in this hifi-system.
But also the manufacturing process for the Maxwell S NF cable, finally found with fiddling until just before the fair, was important to achieve such a colourfulness and easy flowing sound.

You can see the videos of our system described below at http://www.avshowrooms.com/high-end-2017-awards.html.

To complete the picture, here is a list of the equipment we used:

Turntable: Jadis Thalie
Cartridge: ZYX Ultimate 4D
Tonearm cable: Audioplan Maxwell S
Power supply: Audioplan PowerPlant 100S with Audioplan PowerCord S
Rack: Lovan Sovereign AmpStand and Sovereign T with Audioplan RackBase

CD drive: Jadis Calliope
Digital cable: Audioplan Maxwell D (prototype)
Power supply: Audioplan PowerPlant 100S with Audioplan PowerCord U
Rack: Lovan Sovereign AmpStand and Sovereign T with Audioplan RackBase

D/A converter: Jadis JS1MkIV with Audioplan Signature-Update
Interconnect cable: Audioplan Maxwell S
Power supply: Audioplan PowerPlant 100S with Audioplan PowerCord U
Rack: Lovan Sovereign AmpStand and Sovereign T with Audioplan RackBase

Preamplifier: Jadis JP80MC with Audioplan Signature-Update
Interconnect cable: Audioplan Maxwell U (prototype)
Power supply: Audioplan PowerPlant 1500U with Audioplan PowerCord U
Rack: Lovan Sovereign AmpStand and Sovereign T with Audioplan RackBase

Power amplifier: Jadis JA200S4 with Audioplan Signature-Update
Loudspeaker cables: Audioplan MusiCable ULS88A with Audioplan banana plugs
Power supply: Audioplan PowerFilter (prototype) with Audioplan PowerCord U
Rack: Lovan Sovereign custom-made with Audioplan RackBase

Loudspeaker: Audioplan Koncert IV

Reviewers View, HiFi Deluxe Munich 2017, highlights!

Terry Eringi, Peter Breuninger AVShowrooms

HiFi Deluxe Munich 2017

Audioplan, Jadis turntable, Musicable, Sicomin, Norma, Tsakiridis, Lovan

HiFiDeluxe Munich 2010

Dear music friends

this year we decided on a more comfortable form of exhibition.
The pleasant hotel atmosphere, adequate demonstration facilities and better possibilities to play music were the reasons for choosing hifideluxe in the hotel "Le Meridien" in Munich.
Our approx. 30 sqm room was very well attended from the beginning of the fair. The highlight for us was of course our new Kantata loudspeaker!
How would visitors react to it? Although the loudspeaker was still in the prototype stage, we wanted to take the opportunity to present it to a larger audience at the fair to get feedback and gain further experience. And the courage to show the Kantata at such an early stage paid off, because the Kantata was very well received by the audience! The relaxed, room-filling sound made some visitors ask about the subwoofer, others regard the price per pair as a realistic unit price. This was a successful debut for the new Kantata in the Audioplan loudspeaker range.
Furthermore, we could show a new power amplifier from Jadis. This is a rare event as all Jadis products remain in production for decades. The JA120, with 6 power tubes per channel, will produce around 80 W output power in pure class A. It fills the gap between the JA80 and JA200.
All in all, I personally enjoyed the atmosphere at hifideluxe very much and I would like to thank all the visitors for their interest in our products.

Thomas Kühn

The Audiopan music-system consisted of the following components:
CD-Player: Jadis Orphée
Integrated amplifier: Jadis DA88 S with TK Signature
Phono stage: Jadis DPMC with TK Signature
Turntable: Townshend The Rock 7
Tonearm: SA-250 ST
Cartridge: ZYX R-50 Bloom H
Loudspeaker Audioplan Kantata (NEW)
Mains filter: FineFilter S
Mains-distribution: PowerStar S II
Mains cable: PowerCord S
Digital filter: PowerPlant 100 S – Cleancord S
Filter analogue: PowerPlant 100 S
Filter integrated amp: PowerPlant 1500 U
Phono-cable: MusiCable Triple Coax
Interconnect cable: MusiCable UIC88 A for CD-player and phono stage output
Loudspeaker-cable: MusiCable ULS88 A (NEW)
Lovan rack system Sovereign with Audioplan KlangBoard
Loudspeaker feet: Sicomin Antispike Loudspeaker feet

HiFiDeluxe Munich 2009

Novelties at Audioplan:

Jadis JP 80/JA80 Gold
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company, Jadis presents the units of the first hour in a limited special series of 100 combinations. The units are a visually and technically refined version of the JP 80 and JA 80 from 1986 with KT 88 tubes. The price is 37.500,- Euro (MSRP) per set.

Townshend Audio The Rock 7
Audioplan has now taken over the distribution of The Rock 7, the record player by Townshend Audio. Special features of this turntable are pneumatically damped decoupling feet, an external motor unit and the damping tray that can be filled with silicone oil. We are currently working on a complete package with tonearm, cartridge and tonearm cable. We are aiming for a total price of approx. 3,500 EUR MSRP.

High End Munich 2008

Dear friends of music,

on Wednesday, 23 April 2008, the Audioplan trade fair team set off again for the High-End in Munich to prove its competence in the field of natural music reproduction.
Until then we were busy with many listening sessions to finish the development of the new Konzert III loudspeaker. After all, we wanted the new loudspeaker to make as good an impression as the Kontrast V did at last year's fair.
Since the expectations of the larger and more expensive Konzert III raised the bar even higher, it was no easy task.
When some special parts from the USA threatened to disappear in the "Bermuda Triangle" between the US post office, the German post office (strike) and the customs office, despite express delivery, we were in deep trouble. After many emails, telephone calls and thanks to the strong support of the SWS forwarding company, we received the long-awaited parts after a 14-day delay - at a time when I had already prepared myself for "Plan B" with the Kontrast V loudspeakers.
As no rooms were offered on the second floor this year, we had to move into a room eight square metres larger than last year. In connection with the different ceiling height, this meant that about 60 m³ more space had to be filled with music. Unfortunately, the acoustic properties here were no better than those in the last year's exhibition room. The flutter echo was audible for at least two seconds and the soft plasterboard walls were anything but ideal. Nevertheless, during the set-up it was quite quickly clear that we didn't have to go back to the Kontrast V. The new Konzert III integrated well into the acoustically difficult room.
We heard from the first note wonderful, smooth music and we could devote ourselves entirely to optimize the system with our accessories like the AntiSpike component feet.

Da dieses Jahr keine Räume im zweiten OG angeboten wurden, mussten wir in einen acht Quadratmeter größeren Raum umziehen. In Verbindung mit der anderen Deckenhöhe bedeutete das, dass ca. 60 m³ mehr Raum mit Musik zu füllen waren. Leider waren die akustischen Eigenschaften hier auch nicht besser als die im Ausstellungsraum des letzten Jahres. Das Flatterecho war mindestens zwei Sekunden hörbar und die weichen Rigipswände waren alles andere als optimal. Dennoch war beim Aufbau recht schnell klar, dass wir nicht auf die Kontrast V zurückgreifen mussten. Die neue Konzert III ließ sich gut in den kritischen Raum integrieren. Dabei verwöhnte sie uns vom ersten Ton an mit wunderbarer, flüssiger Musik- Wiedergabe , sodass wir uns ganz der Optimierung mittels AntiSpike-Gerätefüßen widmen konnten.

High End Munich 2007

Dear friends of music,

from 17.05 to 20.05.2007 the High-End took place again at the M.O.C. in Munich.
We exhibited again in room D223. The brand new Kontrast V was used as a loudspeaker and I was a little concerned whether the Kontrast would go loud enough under the rather unfavourable conditions in the acoustically difficult, large room (65 square metres, up to 5.5 metres high, strong flutter echoes) and the high levels of sound from the other exhibition rooms.
In fact, my fears about the "ambient noise" were confirmed on the very first day of the fair.
Our neighbours were obviously determined to show the maximum SPL of their cupboard-sized loudspeakers with 15 inch woofers.
The small Audioplan Kontrast V, only finished a few days before the fair and therefore not yet tested under extreme conditions, easily held its own and filled our room with beautifully relaxed music.
Visitors kept asking about the subwoofer because they couldn't imagine that the deep, clean and room-filling bass came from a 17 cm mid-bass driver. But there was no subwoofer!
During the fair, we received many positive comments from visitors and the trade press.
I would like to thank all visitors, I see it as a nice confirmation and, above all, as an incentive to continue to work in the sense of good music reproduction.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to my staff, who made this successful trade fair appearance possible through their great personal commitment.

Yours sincerely
Thomas Kühn

New products 2007 at Audioplan:
Audioplan presented the brand new Kontrast V in Atrium III room D223. This is a completely new
development, as the tweeter and woofer drivers, the corresponding crossovers, as well as the damping have been changed in the old familiar cabinet. The advantage for owners of the Kontrast loudspeakers from Kontrast IIIi onwards is the possibility of upgrading to the Model V.
Another interesting new product is the Jadis Symphonia Tube CD player. Visually identical to the well-known Symphonia Evolution, it is now equipped with a tube output stage and thus comes closer to the excellent JD 2 Tube in terms of sound.
The Jadis Orchestra "BlackSilver" integrated amplifier replaces the very successful Orchestra with a new look and a modified tube configuration. It is available now and can be ordered with either blue or black electrolytic capacitors.



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