High End Munich 2007

Dear Music Friends,

High End fair was held again at the Munich M.O.C. from May 17 to 20, 2007, and we were there in room D223 just like last year. The brand new Kontrast V was presented as the loudspeaker and I was somewhat skeptical in anticipation as to where the volume reserves would be sufficient under such unfavorable conditions -a lot of ambient noise, difficult acoustics and a large space (65 m2, ceiling up to 5.5 m, strong flatter echo).

My fears regarding the ambient noise were confirmed on the first day of the fair. Our neighbors were apparently stubbornly determined to prove the solid volume of their closet-sized loudspeakers with 38cm membranes.

The small Kontrast V, finally completed only a few days before the trade fair and not yet tested under extreme conditions, easily held up to the pace and filled our room with music reproduced with wonderful relaxation. Visitors kept asking about the subwoofer, because they could not believe the black, clean and room-filling bass came from a 17 cm midrange-woofer chassis. But there was no subwoofer!

We received many compliments from visitors and the trade press during the trade fair. I would therefore like to thank all the visitors, I view it as a nice reassurance and above all inspiration to continue working to achieve good music reproduction.

A heart-felt thanks to my employees, who made the trade fair a success by their personal dedication.

Yours truly, Thomas Kühn
What’s New at Audioplan:
Audioplan presents the brand new Kontrast V in Atrium III Room D223. This speaker is a totally new development because the tweeter and woofer chassis, the corresponding crossover, as well as the insulation have been replaced in the old, well-known enclosure. The advantage for owner’s of the Kontrast loudspeaker beginning with Kontrast III, is the option of upgrading to Model V.

Another interesting innovation is the Jadis Symphonia Tube CD player. Optically identical to the famous Symphonia Evolution, it is now equipped with a tube output stage and therefore comes audibly closer to the excellent JD2 Tube.

The Jadis Orchestra “BlackSilver” power amplifier replaces the highly successful Orchestra with a new look and new tubes. It is available immediately and can be ordered optionally with blue or black capacitors.