High End Munich 2008

Dear Music Friends,

On Wednesday, April 23, 2008 it was that time of year again. The Audioplan trade fair team was off to the High-End in Munich to prove its expertise when it comes to the natural reproduction of music.
Prior to this, we were busy in numerous audio sessions completing development of the new Konzert III. After all, the new loudspeaker was supposed to leave a good impression similar to the Kontrast V at the trade fair last year.
Since the level of expectation was comparable to that for the larger and more expensive Konzert III and the bar had been raised substantially higher, it was no easy task. First, despite express delivery, a few special components from the USA were threatening to disappear in the “Bermuda triangle” between the US Postal Service, German Post (strike) and customs. After numerous e-mails, telephone calls and thanks to the support of the transport company, Spedition SWS, we finally received the long-awaited components after a 14-day delay –  at the point where I was already considering moving to “Plan B” with the Kontrast V.
The following evenings and nights became even longer than before, but by the weekend prior to the trade fair, we had achieved the right results. The speaker passed an in-house cross-check between the Konzert II and Kontrast V with flying colors. But because of the lack of experience due to the time constraint, a well-rehearsed pair of Kontrast V went to Munich.

Since no rooms were offered on the second floor this year, we had a room with eight square meters more space. Together with the differing ceiling height, this meant filling approx. 60 m3 more space with music. Unfortunately, the acoustic properties here were no better than in the exhibition room from last year. The flutter echo was audible for at least two seconds and the soft plaster walls were somewhat less than optimal. But it became quickly apparent as we set up, that we would not need to use the Kontrast V. We were able to integrate the new Konzert III well in the critical room. It spoiled us right from the first note with a wonderful, fluid, musical reproduction, so we were able to completely concentrate on the optimization with AntiSpike component feet.