Speakers from Audioplan let you experience the full potential of a good system. Technology and design are created to serve a purpose. They are never in the foreground. The timeless, slender enclosures are unassuming and adapt to any decor. And wherever in the room the speakers are, like any good instrument, they radiate their natural sound everywhere.

Konzert III


The Konzert III is a 2 1/2-way loudspeaker that combines the volume reserves and deep bass of a multiple driver system with the musicality and presence of a very good 2-way system. Numerous innovations such as RNS (Resonance Nulling System), the concept of the infinite virtual baffle or the complexly decoupled tweeter, serve one goal only: long-term listening pleasure with the highest level of perfection.



On average, Audioplan introduces a new speaker model every 10 years. Simply because it is usually better to develop what’s already tried and proven rather than reinvent the wheel. Different is not automatically better. And a new speaker has to be substantially better before it earns the Audioplan logo. The Kantata not only offers a better sound than the Kontrapunkt, which has been legendary in professional circles for almost three decades, it is also easier to drive and is more flexible in positioning. Compact and powerful sound, Kantata.

Kontrast V


The Kontrast comes to market in a revised version V in 2007. An advanced tweeter with a newly designed crossover is used. We have consistently applied the latest knowledge of component design and fine tuning in all areas. The loudspeaker has gained a more relaxed sound in the midrange and demonstrates more resolution, focus and credible spatial representation of the entire spectrum. The speaker brings together many positive characteristics.