FineFilter, PowerPlant and PowerStar keep the sound of your equipment and systems clean. They reliably filter out of the line current whatever interferes with music reproduction. The sound improves, because everything that comes out of the speakers as music was formerly current from the electrical outlet. You can hear the difference.

Basically, we hear the current from the power outlet when listening to a stereo system. The supply voltage is converted with the transformer in the components, then it’s rectified, filtered and regulated if necessary. The direct current generated in such a way is used to modulate the music signal. RF interference elements from the mains can often simply pass through the transformers and filter stages and thus become part of the music signal. New interference products are also created by intermodulation. Such interference has considerable effect on the sound quality of the system. That’s why we developed a modular system for the power supply and filtering of a hi-fi or AV system. The components are combined in our PowerCase, which you can lend at selected dealers for one’s own testing.