The FineFilter is a highly resistant, universally applicable collective filter for audio and video systems. The filter is built with such low impendence, that even the largest power amps can be operated without loss of dynamics. This is achieved by consistently overdimensioning all parts, manual wiring, manually auditioning and custom building components when necessary. The built-in safety reserve is typical for Audioplan: The components of the FineFilter BI can therefore withstand continuous current of 10 ampere, those in the FineFilter SIII can take 25 ampere. This ensures that even the most extreme current peaks can flow without being limited by the filter or themselves producing interference due to saturation or overload effects (long-term stability). The filter is used to filter out audio interference, which could otherwise reach the system through the power mains. As such, it represents a component in the power filter and power outlet system we have developed, consisting of the PowerStar, PowerPlant and PowerCord.

FineFilter BI


Supply voltage: 230 V ~
Power rating: 6.3 A continuous, 10 A 40% ED
Overvoltage protection: Yes
Filter characteristics: 1
Ground filter:
Design: Hand-wired, molded against microphonics, 5 mm cast aluminum enclosure
Supply: 0.85 m PowerCord G, other lengths upon request
Dimensions (WxHxD): 12 x 8,5 x 12 cm
Weight: 1.6 kg