PowerPlant 100 S


The unique design of the PowerPlant with multiple nested windings, numerous shieldings and specially made and tuned filter components provides high, so-called reverse damping. This means that not only is the interference coming from the power mains, interference going from the filtered components into the power line is also filtered. This predestines PowerPlants for use with digital components. But phono stages and analog drives can exceptionally profit from separate filtering with PowerPlant – especially in connection with the FineFilter as a collective filter.

Netzspannung: 230 V ~
Belastbarkeit: 100 VA Dauer
Überlastschutz: thermisch
Filter: 6-fach Schachtelung
Ausgang: 230V ~, geerdet, gleichspannungsfrei
Aufbau: frei verdrahtet, vergossen gegen Microphonie, 5 mm Alu-Gussgehäuse
Zuleitung: 0,85 m PowerCord S, andere Längen auf Bestellung
Abmessungen (BxHxT): 12 x 8,5 x 22 cm
Gewicht: 2,4 kg

Schematischer Aufbau einer Filterkette