The influence of the power supply on the sound of a hi-fi system became apparent to us during intensive listening sessions for development at the beginning of the 80’s. We found that a system sounded different depending on the plug position of an individual component in the power outlet strip. The reason for this is the equalizing currents, which flow through the audio frequency lines to compensate for dynamic potential differences from the power mains end.

PowerStar S III


The star-shaped design of the PowerStar minimizes these differences in potential and establishes a direct reference to the main component in the system, the preamp or the power amp. This represents a decisive advantage in comparison to all conventional power outlet strips. In designing the PowerStar, we also paid attention to minimizing the connection points and resistances. The conductor star of the PowerStar SIII is therefore soldered with pure copper and then silver-plated. This reduces the number of connection points to three per outlet: power plug to cable, cable to conductor star and conductor star to outlet.

Supply voltage: 240 V AC
Power rating: 16 A
Output: 7 Schuko-sockets, binding post for ground-connection
Internal Wiring: silver plated pure copper conductors with 3mm²
Enclosure: resin and 3 mm thick aluminum bolted together with 6 posts made from AntiSpike material. Additional AntiSpike bottom plate and AntiSpike component feet.
Cable: PowerCord SIII 1,5 m, other lengths on order
Size: diameter 22 cm, height 11 cm (incl. feet)
Weight: 2,0 kg without exterior cable, 2,4 kg incl. 1,5 m cable