PowerPlant 1500U


PowerPlant technology is entering the next generation. Advanced shielding winding provides more effective filtering of high frequency interference and achieves optimized dynamic behavior. The PowerPlant 1500 U has two alternative outputs. First, the well-known floating output, which effectively interrupts ground loops in addition to its filtering effect and therefore prevents hum. Second, there is a new ground reference output, which allows adjustment of the reference potential. This allows compensation to be made for network-related potential differences between the equipment connected to the PowerPlant 1500 U and other components of the system.

Thus, it is possible for the first time to avoid leakage currents on the ground lines of the connecting cable. On request, we provide an easy-to-use instrument and the necessary cables for measuring the setting of the ground potential equalization. The sound improvement from this measure alone is enormous. It can be clearly heard even in a minimalist system with two devices. PowerPlant 1500 U may be an indispensable part of a high-quality, complex system. With its high power output of up to 1500 watts, PowerPlant 1500 U is suitable for all types of audio and video equipment, specifically for power amplifiers and high-quality projectors and large screen TV.

Netzspannung: 230 V ~
Belastbarkeit: 1000 VA Dauer, 1500 VA 40% ED
Filter: 9-fach Schachtelung
Ausgang: schaltbar, erdfrei/erdbezogen mit Potenzialausgleich, gleichspannungsfrei
Aufbau: frei verdrahtet, vergossen gegen Microphonie, 5 mm Alu-Gussgehäuse
Zuleitung: 0,85 m PowerCord S, andere Längen auf Bestellung
Abmessungen (BxHxT): 20 x 18,5 x 28,5 cm (33 cm mit Griffen)
Gewicht: 25 kg

Schematischer Aufbau einer Filterkette