We developed the first MusiCable 20 years ago. We were looking for the perfect high-end cable. Nothing should get in the way of the sound. We quickly discovered it was worth optimizing factors that had previously been ignored: conductor material, litz design, dielectrics, cable design, cross-section and shielding. We achieved the decisive breakthrough with the new CRC technology. CRC stands for Conductor Resonance Control.
This conductor resonance damping prevents mechanical resonance in the conductors from becoming electrical interference signals through induction. The signal conductor itself produces some of this resonance due to the forces of attractions and repulsion between the conductors and the litz wires. Airborne and structure-borne sound is responsible for the remainder, caused by loudspeakers for example. CRC technology suppresses all metallic resonance in the cable. This is why there is a clear synergy effect when the cable chain runs from the source to the loudspeakers. Musicable CRC is also used in the Audioplan loudspeakers, of course.
Together with other technical measures, CRC technology provides music lovers reproduction like in a concert hall. The highest resolution, the best homogeneity and integrity of the reproduction results in optimal listening pleasure.
Judge for yourself what MusiCable CRC can do in a high-grade music system. Because the sound experience is more important than the technical specifications. Trust your feeling and experience music with Audioplan.

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