AntiSpike Device Feet


They were developed for use under electronic components. Since other requirements are placed on the absorption-coupling relationship in this case, the material mixture is softer than that for the AntiSpike. Depending on design and material, electronic components continue to differ substantially in their need for damping. That’s why we designed the foot modularly. The damping factor can be incrementally increased by adding Sicomin Secrets. By varying the position of the AntiSpike device feet under the device, you can steplessly fine-adjust the damping/discharge ratio. We have also designed base absorbers in the form of Aramid Pads. This allows you to eliminate the audible disadvantages of hard surfaces that tend to resonate, for example, granite, marble and glass. This variability enables you to bring together normally contradictory aspects such as enhanced dynamics and improved spatial imagery. The diameter of an AntiSpike device foot is 48 mm. They are available with optional heights of 20 or 24 mm and should be selected so that the original foot of the device does not touch the support surface..


Review Hifi-Stars Ausgabe 26 – März 2015