Visions & tradition

The goal of all our developments is not only to provide natural reproduction of instruments and music captured at live events, it is also to impart the emotional experience and intuitive understanding of music. That’s why we have taken a holistic approach to the topic of music reproduction, which has led to numerous developments in components and interfaces that, at first, may appear to be less important. Only skillful building and matching of a music system will deliver satisfactory results over the long term. You can acquire the building blocks for this, components, cables, power supply and mechanical components, from us. But there’s more than this, because 25 years of experience in the assembly and tuning high-quality systems is equally important. Give us a try!

Tradition – Pioniere in music since 1980

1980 The Audioplan company founded by Volker and Renate Kühn.
1981 Development of the first loudspeakers: Kontrast I.
1982 First high-end power filter of the world: PowerPlant.
  Introduction of the current phase metric for system installation.
1983 Two patents issued to MusiCable. Audioplan becomes a global pioneer in the cable sector.
  First special power outlet strips with recommended component order.
1984 First serial production loudspeaker with spikes and sand filling: Kontrapunkt I.
  Development begins for the PowerStar power outlet strip with neutral component order.
1985 First serial production loudspeaker with bi-wiring/bi-amping option: Kontrast II.
1986 Introduction of the carbon fiber component base, Sicomin.
  Development of the MusiCable-X-Wire phono cable.
1987 First high-end workshops in Germany, 8 years before others have the same idea.
  The “Kontrapunkt II” enters the market.
1988 New generation of PowerPlants are introduced.
1989 MusiCable provided world’s only Sicomin microphonic damping.
1990 The Konzept shows how to increase the efficiency of small loudspeaker enclosures.
1991 The Kontrapunkt III represents a new class of small loudspeakers.
1992 Audioplan offers the power filter for everyone – the Volksfilter.
  MusiCable PowerCord – the first symmetric power cable from Audioplan.
1993 New version of the Kontrast III. Developed from the Kontrast II with modified bass reflex construction and improved technology.
  Design work for a large Audioplan loudspeaker begins.
1994 The Audioplan PowerStar goes into production.
1995 Kontrast IIIi: more open, faster and more efficiency from the same enclosure volume.
  10th anniversary of Kontrapunkt is the occasion for development of a limited edition of Kontrapunkt “Silver Signature”.
  Thomas Kühn assumes 49% share of the company with the intention of continuing the business in the future.
1996 PowerPlant 100 is introduced.
1997 Audioplan introduces the first PVC-free and HFC-free power cable.
  FineFilter II arrives on the market.
  Kontrapunkt IV introduces the new AntiSpike technology.
  AntiSpikes replaces metal steel spikes with better sound for all loudspeakers.
1998 A new Audioplan patent with the title CRC (Conductor Resonance Control) brings enormous progress in power, signal and loudspeaker cables.
  The Konzert is introduced. Audioplan’s largest loudspeaker to date works as 2 1/2 way design with a Resonance Nulling System (RNS) and virtual, infinite baffle.
  PowerCord S, the first CRC power cable goes into serial production.
  The PowerStar S marks a new standard for power outlet strips.
1999 MusiCable LS8, the first CRC LS cable, goes into serial production.
  MusiCable SuperAF, the first CRC cable, goes into serial production.
  STEREO magazine wires their demo system at the high-end trade fair completely with MusiCable CRC.
  PowerCord G and PowerStar G are substantially improved again.
2000 The FineFilter S with switchable filter characteristics and ground conductor filtering is the new standard for power filters.
  Audioplan receives “Best Sound” rating at the High End 2000 (biggest high-end trade fair in the world) by STEREO magazine.
  The FineFilter G arrives at the end of the year.
2001 20 years of work for better music reproduction: Audioplan.
  Kontrast IIIs kommt mit weiteren Änderungen auf den Markt.
  With the PowerCase Audioplan offers its customers a case with all power products: cables, filters, outlet strips for testing in G and S versions.
2002 MusiCable LS4 CRC and LS6 CRC complete the LS cable catalog.
  The Kontrast gets a new woofer and is renamed Kontrast IIISi.
2003 Kontrast IIIsi is presented as the latest version of the series III.
  Konzert II brought to market with improved chassis and totally new engineering.
2004 Advanced development of the FineFilter S.
  Thomas Kühn assumes the shares of Volker Kühn as of January 1, 2004 and is thereby the sole owner of Audioplan.
2005 Second-generation CRC signal cable are introduced. SuperAF CRC made more flexible and new, less expensive types such as triple-coax CRC are added.
2006 Third-generation PowerPlant technology is developed: PowerPlant 1500 Ultimate.
2007 The Kontrast IIIsi is completely overhauled and presented as the Kontrast V at the High End 2007 in Munich.
2008 The Konzert III is presented at the High-End-Show in Munich.
  The MusiCable family gets a new member: The top of the line UIC 88 A interconnect cable.
2009 The brand new speaker cable ULS 88 A is now available and fits perfect to the interconnect cale UIC 88 A. This is now the new reference class of Audioplan MusiCable.
2010 The new developed compact loudspeaker Kantata is introduced and replaces the Kontrapunkt IV.